Programming Alakazam! A magical CLI-like tool for VGC Calcs (Looking for Beta Testers!)

Hey all!

My name is Arjun and I'm a longtime Pokemon VGC fan and data scientist. I've been working on a passion project in my spare time that I think you all may find interesting, and it's almost ready to share!

I've built an AI assistant called Alakazam that understands and computes natural language VGC calcs, just like magic! VGC players are used to communicating the game state using lingo like "will +2 100ev Talonflame outspeed +1 max speed Flutter Mane?". Very often, we use tools like Pokemon Damage Calculator or Pikalytics to tediously type all this stuff in by hand. It can take a while to do, and it's really hard to run multiple calcs at once.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just ask an app questions like that and get the calc results almost immediately?

That's exactly what Alakazam does! I've trained it using large language models to parse VGC battle scenarios described in text. Right now it only handles speed checks, but my vision is for Alakazam to become a full AI agent capable of running any complex VGC calc you throw at it.


Beta Test Signup:

I'm looking for 5-10 dedicated VGC players to beta test Alakazam for a week and provide feedback. [/B]Help shape this into a tool that can really enhance VGC team prep and strategy discussions! As an incentive, I'll randomly select 5 of the 10 beta testers after the testing period to get a $5 gift card :)

What to Expect:

As a beta tester, I'll ask you to use Alakazam while teambuilding and prepping for battles, specifically for speed related calcs. Keep a log of any interesting or useful calcs it helps with. Let me know where the tool falls short or could be improved.

In return, you'll get early access to an AI assistant that can save you time and effort while prepping teams. Plus you can directly influence the development my tool!

I'm just one player working on this in my spare time, so I could really use your help testing and shaping Alakazam. Maybe I'm onto something here, that could really help new and existing VGC players alike play the beautiful game of Pokemon :)

If this sounds awesome to you, go ahead and fill out this form here:

Thanks in advance!

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